Anna Andrus

Anna received her Masters Degree in 2008 from Western Michigan University and has been a practicing Occupational Therapist since. She has worked in Skilled Nursing Facilities and Home Care helping people rehab after accidents, strokes, respiratory and heart conditions among other conditions until discovering Pelvic Floor Therapy. Since finding this much needed niche in the therapy world she has taken as many classes as possible and continues to do so to improve her knowledge and skills to help as many people as she can.

Anna is from Michigan but moved to Arizona in 2015 with her Husband and two kids. She spends her free time gardening, hiking, backpacking, doing yoga, and training for the next great adventure.

“My goal is to help as many people as I can to improve their lives with the knowledge and skills I’ve developed over my career. I’m excited to share what I have learned to make your life better and help you meet your goals.” 

– Anna Andrus, MSOTR/L

Your Best Birth
Online Course

A self-paced course is great for the busy mom-to-be wanting a pain free birth.  This course is a perfect blend of hypnobirthing PLUS pelvic floor prep to help reduce labor time and decrease risk for tears.  

Nurture Your

This is a FREE 3 day course to build connection and a deep awareness between mindset and the body to prepare you for labor and birth.  These short videos and workbook will enhance YOUR birth journey.  


For additional support, we also have FREE workbooks and guides on topics like DRA and pain with intercourse.  Did we also mention we offer a Bladder Incontinence Masterclass?  This is a great at-home resource that can help stop embarrassing bladder leaks today.

Our Team

Thrive Pelvic Health

At Thrive, we believe you are so much more than an injury or diagnosis and have created a holistic healing community that welcomes you fully.

Thrive Pelvic Health

The pregnancy and postpartum chapters in our lives can feel overwhelming but if you are in pain, having leaks, or don’t know how to exercise safely we can help.  

You do not have to do this alone; we are here for you.