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We believe that it does not have to hurt to help.

We meet you where you are in your journey whether that is trying to get pregnant, on your 4th pregnancy or wanting to return to activity safely after birth.

We will LISTEN. We HEAR you and we are here to HELP.

Welcome to Thrive Pelvic Health

You’re in the right place. At Thrive, we believe you are so much more than an injury or diagnosis and have created a holistic healing community that welcomes you fully. You deserve a team that can provide you with the most holistic and well-rounded approach to your health & we’re here for all of you.

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We're Here To Help!

Do any of these conditions 

resonate with you?

Embarrassing Leaks?

Painful intercourse?

Infertility Concerns?

Painful periods?

Bloating & abdominal pain?

Recovery after Birth!

The natural healing force is within each of us is the
greatest force for getting well.

Your Best Birth
Online Course

A self-paced course is great for the busy mom-to-be wanting a pain free birth.  This course is a perfect blend of hypnobirthing PLUS pelvic floor prep to help reduce labor time and decrease risk for tears.  

Nurture Your

This is a FREE 3 day course to build connection and a deep awareness between mindset and the body to prepare you for labor and birth.  These short videos and workbook will enhance YOUR birth journey.  


We provide education and guidance for the entire family unit to help ensure that your child has every opportunity to grow and develop.  Our pediatric pelvic floor program uses state of the art equipment that helps restore a normal bowel and bladder habits with an interactive game.  

Stomach ache. Woman holds hands stomach. Menstrual pain or bowel problems. Pain.

Do You Experience Pain During Intimacy?

Don’t Let This Dampen Your Valentine’s Day ❤️ Let Us Help You

  1. Understanding the anatomy of the pelvic floor
  2. Regular pelvic floor exercises
  3. Identifying and addressing underlying issues