Reviews From Patients

Dr. Bryant is highly specialized in her field of study and continues to do ongoing research to ensure she is providing her patients with the most excellent care. I have been receiving physical therapy for pelvic floor problems and scoliosis. I am beginning to make significant progress as a result of her work. She is kind, compassionate, and takes great care to ensure she has a full understanding of what is going on with her patients so that she can address the entire scope of the problem. I am very grateful to have found her!
Pam C.
Kim is knowledgeable and passionate about pelvic floor therapy. I began to see Kim 3 months postpartum and she has helped me tremendously to rebuild my muscles and get my strength back. She truly cares about her patients and helping them achieve their goals. She has provided me with countless exercises and stretches to help throughout my journey. I would highly recommend seeing her before, during and after pregnancy.
Cassandra B.
I’m very glad I went to see Kim after my second child was born. She helped provide me with exercises and stretches to help bring my body back to how it felt before I was pregnant. Thanks Kim!
Shira A.
Dr. Bryant is a very knowledgeable and friendly pelvic floor physical therapist! She has been helping to strengthen my core during pregnancy to prevent strain on my diastasis recti (ab separation). She’s excellent!
Anna M.
I worked with Kim for some issues postpartum (leaking while sneezing/running/jumping jacks etc.) and she was amazing! So patient and considerate, always educating and explaining what we were doing and why. There was always a clear plan, based on my symptoms, so you didn't feel like it was an endless thing with no hope in sight. It can be scary or feel vulnerable to work on this kind of things but Kim made it a comfortable experience with appropriate homework to aid in my recovery. I can work out and do all the things I love to do, without any worries!
Jamie G
Kim was recommended to me as a way to fix my Diastasis recti. Along with regular workouts and physio in the space of eight weeks I have managed to help repair most of my core at 8 months postpartum. After seeing Kim I have become a firm believer that you need physio in order to properly recover post baby. I will be back for my next pregnancy. Note: she will give you receipts to submit to insurance
Claire W
Kim worked wonders for my ailing postpartum body! After having my baby, I was experiencing some of the more common physical postpartum issues. Add some chronic pre-pregnancy pain issues and posture problems and you have a mama that feels like she's falling apart! Kim was gentle, thorough and patient. All her physical therapy assignments were easy to follow and provided a lot of relief for not only pelvic floor and ab issues, but other problem spots for the rest of the body, such as my eternally messed up shoulder/neck region and my chronically painful hip. Kim herself is so nice and I felt very comfortable with her as a physical therapist. With 20/20 hindsight, knowing what I do now, I would have gone to her earlier for a prenatal evaluation in addition to postpartum physical therapy. There are many things that she can do to increase your chances for a smooth and uncomplicated delivery while you are pregnant. Who knows, maybe labor and pushing would have been less of an ordeal with her help!
Karen W
I cannot recommend Dr. Kim Bryant enough as a Pelvic Floor PT expert. I gave birth to my first child in March and suffered an extensive birth injury (4th Degree Tear). When I first showed up at Kim's office, I could barely get through my story and my symptoms without crying. From the very first session, she listened and empathized and laid a treatment plan for us to follow. Along the way, as my symptoms progressed, she stayed curious and engaged with me to offer new and evolving solutions (in and out of the office) so that I could find comfort in the short and long term. She was collaborative, as we worked together to better understand my pain and symptoms and find release work that could directly target the issue. PFPT is intimate work, but Kim is beyond professional- always narrating what she plans to do before she does it and checking in with you to make sure you're doing ok. After 4 months of working with Kim, I am now confidently discharged from her care (or "graduated" as I like to call it!). She's given me the tools and positive trajectory I needed to get back to a pain-free life after a difficult child birth experience. No matter the reason you need PFPT, you'll be in amazing hands with Kim!!
Katrina P

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