A Healthy Pregnancy and a Positive Birth Experience

Join Dr. Bryant in the Your Best Birth online course, where she will guide you through breathwork, stretches, and movements to ease your mind and body through pregnancy and giving birth.

What’s Included? 

Start Your Journey
to Your Best Birth.

This course is a gamechanger

The workbook provided elevates the videos. The videos were easy to follow and provide great breathing and exercise demonstrations.I love the fact that exercise precautions were included.

What's in the course?

  • The wrong type of breath can make your body and pelvic floor tense.
  • Learn the “Blossom Breath,” technique to open and relax the pelvic floor.
  • Effective breathing can help keep you calm and bring baby into this world peacefully.
  • Movement is key for a healthy pregnancy and to prepare for labor and birth.
  • Learn the exercise do’s and don’t to keep you and your baby safe.
  • Learn the right moves to keep you fit, prepare the hips and pelvic floor for birth.
  • Receive the FREE postpartum guide so you optimize recover after birth.
  • Have the birth YOU want and deserve.
  • Pregnancy and birth are meant to be joyous experiences. This is the time to honor yourself and your health.
  • Preparing now will help you have a wonderful journey into motherhood!

Hey Mama! 

I’m Dr. Kim Bryant and I’m so glad you’re here. 

I want you to have all of the best tools possible to support you and your baby, because I know what a huge difference it can make during labor.

It is my passion to help women understand their bodies and have amazing pregnancy and birth experiences.

This is a wonderful, easy to follow program. I recommend it for any mom that is unsure where to start her exercise journey during pregnancy. It's clear that Kim built this program based on many years of experience guiding mothers safely through the prenatal period.