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The following are some of our most frequently asked questions regarding pelvic floor therapy. If you have questions that are not answered here, please contact us.
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Pelvic floor physical therapists are specifically trained to evaluate and treat muscle spasm, weakness, and trigger points/tender points in the pelvic area that can result from muscle imbalance, scar tissue tension, prolonged nerve compression, stretch injuries, or trauma. You will learn how to be an active participant in your recovery and learn how your pelvic floor is just one portion of what makes up your core.

At your first appointment, you will receive a comprehensive evaluation, treatment and education about your diagnosis. This will include the expected number of total treatment sessions based on your diagnosis, duration and intensity of your symptoms, medical and musculoskeletal contributors, and your consistency with attendance and home program.  You will have ample time with your therapist to address any questions or concerns that you may have regarding your symptoms.

Typically, patients are seen 1-2 times per week based on diagnosis and symptoms.

Arizona is a “direct access” state for physical therapy services.  You do not need a referral from a physician for physical therapy services.  However, some insurances require a referral for reimbursement purposes.

Most insurance companies cover physical therapy services. Some require a doctor’s referral but most do not. Check with your insurance company to see if they cover physical therapy at an “out-of-network” rate.  Thrive Pelvic Health will not bill your insurance but we can provide you with a Superbill for reimbursement. 

Payment is due at time of service

  • I accept cash, check, credit, debit and FSA/HSA.
  • Venmo and Zelle are preferred payment options.

If not going through insurance, the client pays at the time of service, much like a hairdresser, massage or personal training session.  Most insurance companies will pay for this type of therapy services.  Cash-based clients will receive a detailed receipt that can be sent to insurance for reimbursement purposes.  

Yes. You are welcome to bring a spouse, partner, baby or friend with you to any or all visits. It can be educational for people close to you to understand more about your condition and treatment program.

If your symptoms involve pain, restriction or weakness of the pelvic floor muscles, you may need a pelvic muscle examination for the most comprehensive assessment of your problem.  If pelvic exams are uncomfortable for you, we may modify your examination or defer parts of the exam as appropriate. You always have the option to defer or decline any part of your examination and treatment.

An internal assessment of the pelvic floor muscles pelvic provides an important piece of information regarding your individualized physical therapy treatment plan.

  1. Read this blog post about what you can expect
  2. Complete the online patient intake form.  If you did not receive it please contact us at 602-791-9298 so we can ensure you have access to it. 
  3. These patient forms take time to fill out, so we suggest completing them at home before you come for your first visit.

If you are not sure whether you need a referral for insurance purposes, check with your insurance provider.

Please wear or bring comfortable clothing that allows ease of movement and assessment.

Thrive is not just about assessing and treating the pelvic floor.  Thrive is about creating an experience unlike any other therapy service.  Your experience begins as soon as you enter our healing environment.  Each space is created to promote a nurturing and healing environment.  We believe that you are so much more than an injury and diagnosis.  We take a holistic approach to all our treatment sessions.  To book your healing experience click here

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