Keeping your child regular (not constipated!)

We’ve all been there as parents, your little one is fussy, maybe crying, complaining of stomach pain, and your checklist has narrowed it down…they’re CONSTIPATED! Whether it be a few hours, a day or two, or a week of dry hard stools, constipation strikes and they are in pain. While most constipation shouldn’t be met […]

6 EASY and FUN Activities to Support Your Toddler’s Gross Motor Development

Have you wondered why your pediatrician’s office hands you a questionnaire that asks you to indicate your child’s abilities with speech, movement and coordination? This is to make you aware that observing their development, especially in the early years, helps identify any areas that may be of concern if not met at the usual milestones. […]

9 reasons your child may benefit from seeing a Pelvic Health PT

Little girl with special needs enjoy spending time with mother

Is your child often constipated? Or, do they have skid marks on their underwear pretty frequently? Maybe you’re growing concerned that they’re still having accidents well past potty training? Like adults, children also suffer bladder and bowel issues. Pelvic floor dysfunction isn’t normal, but does affect 1 in 7 school-aged children. If not treated, issues […]