Whether this is your first pregnancy or your 5th, we want to help support you both physically and mentally for this journey. We’re here as your health partner by providing tailored education and hands-on treatment throughout your pregnancy.

We’ll guide and prepare you for labor and birth, including external biofeedback, and help you to manage pregnancy-related discomforts like pubic symphysis, sciatica, carpal tunnel, and low back pain.

Our support doesn’t end when your baby arrives. We’ll help you to prepare for your 4th-trimester with proper nursing and lifting postures that protect your back and shoulders and a series of breathing and movements that help you to restore abdominal separation (Diastasis recti).

Our pregnancy package offers the most comprehensive support for you and your baby. This includes a series of treatments that can be used during pregnancy and in the postpartum period that will prepare you for labor and delivery as well as healing postpartum. 

Learn how to:

  • Ease labor pain through breath and movement
  • Decrease risk and complications with labor and delivery
  • Decrease risk of pain throughout pregnancy by preparing your body and mind for this journey
  • Exercise safely during pregnancy with focus on pelvic floor and breath awareness techniques
  • Recover in the postpartum period with ease and support

In your labor & birth discovery session we’ll talk about how your pregnancy is going and any other important information that may impact your labor and birth experience.

Next, we will provide you with some very basic information about how the mind and breath are connected to the pelvic floor. We have some really neat pelvic floor models to share with you (a little geeky, we know!). 

The #1 skill you will walk away with is how to push properly & effectively to decrease risk of perineal tears while ensuring that you AND your baby stay safe.

You’ll leave our office with a series of simple & quick hip and pelvic floor mobility moves to perform until your birth date. Think of this as your daily homework!

Worried about postpartum recovery? We’ve got you covered! During our session(s) we’ll also teach you ways to improve your postpartum recovery experience and get your core strength back after giving birth to your beautiful baby.