6 Things to do Everyday for your Pelvic Floor

Taking care of your pelvic floor can seem random and often the last thing that pops into your mind. But hear us out…

Your pelvic floor provides your body with some serious functions!

  • By controlling urine and bowels it provides SUPPORT to internal organs.
  • The pelvic floor also provides STABILITY by connecting the hips, back and pubic bone.
  • Don’t forget the pelvic floor plays a key role during intimacy.
  • It’s also the muscle group that pumps blood and lymphatic fluid to your pelvis.
It’s quite amazing when we detail it out, right?

With these functions it’s no wonder why pelvic health physical therapy is growing in popularity. At our clinic we see women preparing the pelvic floor for a smooth birth, restoring the muscles after birth or injury, and for everyday issues like leaking. 

After treatments improve everyday life or flat out cure symptoms, many ask, “what should I be doing to help keep my pelvic floor healthy?” And we’re happy to share!!

What to do EVERYDAY for your PELVIC FLOOR!

  • Yoga! Learn if you have a pelvic floor that’s too tight or too loose. From there, different poses will help relax the muscles or help strengthen the muscles. 
  • Build a strong core. Developing your core muscles from the base (pelvic floor to your upper abdominal muscles) can help with many annoying symptoms. (I have an online class for urinary leaks –> here!)
  • Drink lots of water! We recommend drinking 64 ounces of water daily.
  • Kegels/happy baby. Though these aren’t for everyone, if you know to have an overly relaxed pelvic floor then kegels will help strengthen muscles. If you have a super tight pelvic floor, happy baby will help relax and stretch muscles.
  • Mindful breathing. Deep belly breaths allow breath to flow through your diaphragm and work your pelvic floor muscles. When we breath short shallow breaths we only use our chest and neck muscles often making us tense. Mindful long inhales will not only utilize more muscles, research shows it will calm your central nervous system and relax your mind and body. 
  • Maintain a healthy weight. Excessive weight on your pelvic floor paired with poor posture, can weaken pelvic floor muscles, cause hip and back pain, and bring on other chronic symptoms. Eating 4-6 servings of vegetables, moving everyday, and drinking water helps maintain a healthy weight. 


We help women learn more about their symptoms and provide tools to regain control of their pelvic floor and core. And now, we also have virtual appointments if you don’t live in the Phoenix-area. Click here for more!

I help women and children live their life to the fullest, without worrying about pelvic floor pain, peeing while sneezing, or difficulty pooping. When not at the office, I like to play board games with my kids, binge-watch Netflix with hubby, and travel outside of the AZ heat.

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