Fall Self-Care: 5 Things to do this fall to restore!

With the arrival of fall comes less time in daylight, and therefore, longer evenings. We spend more time at home in a seasonal hibernation, and if you’re expecting,  this is the perfect time for self-care before the hustle and bustle of the holidays and the arrival of baby. 

Our list is full of ideas for generating peace, but also strength and opening in preparation for labor. Self-care takes many forms, this we know!

Remember: Self-care is a proactive approach for maintaining a mentally and physically healthy lifestyle.

So, rather than planning bucket list “Instagramm-able” moments, it can be the small things that actually bring you joy and comfort.

5 Self-Care Ideas for Expectant Mothers to try this Fall!

  1. Pour yourself a cup of tea. There are some serious benefits to consuming tea late in the evening to wind down and offer you a hug-in-a-mug! Tea at night can also help curb cravings that can cause bloat or discomfort during night’s sleep. We suggest trying Raspberry Leaf Tea or any herbal tea to relax and feel calm.
  2. Supine twist with leg cradling pillow. Coming on to one side while laying down, position a large pillow to the side your body faces. Open leg and hip to hug the pillow while your body weight relaxes on to the pillow.
  3. Master an easy fall soup. We love butternut squash soup or tomato and basil soup on a cool evening. Conveniently these come ready to serve with only needing a few spices and additions. You’ll thank yourself for adding an easy recipe to your list once baby arrives!
  4. Supported Child’s Pose. Lying a few pillows down in front of you, position your knees to spill out wide while your body collapses forward to rest your chest and face straight down into the pillows. Arms extend straight forward, while shoulders release down from your ears and space is created.
  5. Turn the phone on silent and fall asleep with sounds of rainfall, waves, or guided meditation. Falling asleep with our phones can trigger emotions of judgement and comparison  if perusing social media.  These are intense emotions for our mind to minimize while falling asleep. If you like to shop or make to-do lists late in bed, these patterns leave us in a constant task completion mentality. Reserve that for the morning or daytime, and form a night-time routine that provides you the best rest opportunity possible.

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