Self-Care Habits We Love

Do you feel like stress, anxiety, or self-doubt always point back to self-care? 

Maybe it’s your mom, best friend, or a colleague telling you that you need to take time for yourself by saying things like, “do something fun!” or “you need to relax!”

Because here many of us are: tired, burnt-out, and irritable. We prioritize the needs of others, instead of protecting our peace and caring well for ourselves. When we’re so focused on others we operate half-full. Half-full is resentment, tired, and unavailable to connect in a genuine and present way. 

Our Thrive staff is committed to being a part of your self-care journey. We took a moment to reflect on how we maintain balance and self-love. Our list of self-care habits is personal. It’s what each of us do to maintain and create a healthy physical and mental state.

6 Self-Care Habits of the Thrive Staff

  1. Read a book. Not all great stories are told on screens. Books are a great way to rest your eyes, travel to a place unknown, and disconnect. As Dr. Bryant says, “reading helps me to turn my brain off from the craziness of life.”
  2. Yoga before bed. Dr. Werkau recommends yoga before bed to aid with sleep and the app Yoga Nidra to get started! Yoga is widely known to support your emotional, physical, and mental being. 
  3. Phone, lunch or hang out with a good friend. There is nothing like connecting with a friend who creates a safe space to laugh, cry, and all in-between. A good talk is known to release endorphins and create balance from the duties of work and home.
  4. Take a hot bath. The Thrive staff loves a good bath to relax and relieve your body after a long day. It’s calming and therapeutic for your mind + body. And, good for your hygiene 🙂
  5. Unplug and go outside. There may not be wifi, but the connection one feels with nature is stronger than ever. It can be grounding, peaceful, and remind you how simple, still, and vast our world is. From the Vitamin D, to the fresh air, mental clarity is at an all-time high. We love a good walk around the block, bike ride, and hike. 
  6. Exercise with a friend. Exercise can be a challenge if it isn’t in your routine. Committing to a workout schedule with a friend can provide accountability, support, and surely some laughs and tears along the journey. Dr. Bryant lifts weights with two close friends a few days a week and says, “When we are outside we see rabbits, the sunrise and if we are lucky a satellite or shooting star in the sky.  We sweat, laugh and cry together.”

I help women and children live their life to the fullest, without worrying about pelvic floor pain, peeing while sneezing, or difficulty pooping. When not at the office, I like to play board games with my kids, binge-watch Netflix with hubby, and travel outside of the AZ heat.

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