What To Expect During Your First Visit With a Pelvic PT

If you have scheduled your first appointment with a pelvic floor physical therapist, you may be wondering what to expect.  Your reasons for seeing a specialist in pelvic health may range from trying to become pregnant, preparing to give birth, postpartum issues, incontinence problems, painful sex, post-operative issues, to trauma.  Other less common symptoms may be back or hip pain, constipation, or after any abdominal procedure, whether laparoscopic or open surgical approach.

Regardless of your reason for the visit, there are a few things that will usually take place.  For starters, your therapist will need to collect some information from you.  One form that you will fill out gives the therapist your reason for the visit and a history of your present condition. For example, when did it start?  What are your symptoms?  What makes your symptoms better or worse?  You will also provide a medical history to let the therapist know what other conditions you have, such as diabetes or heart disease.  Knowing your overall health situation and history is important for your treatment.  You can save time at your visit with Dr. Bryant by filling out these forms at home.  Click here for forms.  The information on your forms will be reviewed with you during your visit or you can email them back ahead of time to kimb@thrivepelvichealth.com.

Postpartum Therapy

When you arrive for your visit

Be sure to wear comfortable clothes that will allow for examination and movement.  If indicated, you may need to have an internal pelvic floor examination in order to assess muscle strength, muscle tone and tightness, or evaluate scar tissue mobility.  You are always in control of your visit and body, so you can always decline the internal assessment.  Your posture, breathing and movement may be evaluated as well.  Obviously, your exam will depend upon the reason for your visit.  Dr. Bryant is known for her caring and compassionate manner, so she will make you feel at ease.

Once you have been interviewed and examined, you will be given a treatment plan based on your diagnosis and presentation.  Dr. Bryant will explain the details of your treatment as well as your treatment frequency, such as twice a week for six weeks, for example.  You will very likely be given some homework in the form of exercises to do at home between visits. You’ll be encouraged to ask questions, so be sure to do so! This is your body, after all, and you need to be active in your treatment.

If you haven’t booked an appointment, you can do so here.

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