Does your child suffer from Enuresis?

Are you concerned your little one is wetting the bed a little too much for their age? Have they been potty trained for quite some time, but still having trouble waking up to relieve themselves? It’s normal for most children to wet the bed during the potty training transition. Occasional accidents are expected as children […]

The 4 Real Reasons You Still Have a Pooch

You’re back to working out, you’re maintaining a healthy diet, you’re staying hydrated, or heck, you’re #1 at closing your rings in the family but you’re still staring at your pooch and thinking when is this going to flatten!? Truth is, you most certainly may be the fittest cutie in the cul-de-sac, but that isn’t […]

Painful Bladder Syndrome: All you need to know about “Interstitial Cystitis”

September is Painful Bladder Syndrome Awareness Month! Painful Bladder Syndrome also known as Bladder Pain Syndrome and more formally, Interstitial Cystitis is chronic pelvic pain that encompasses a wide variety of recurring pelvic symptoms that approximately 5 million women in the United States suffer from each year. Recurring frequently or infrequently, Bladder Pain Syndrome can […]

Continence Care

Hollistic Incontinence Continence Therapy

Are you tired of…… Losing sleep and getting up 3-4 times a night? The embarrassment of wetting your pants? Having to miss movies or time with friends because you are constantly running to the bathroom? Spending money on expensive pads? Bringing extra clothes or pads with you everywhere you go?