10 Exercises to help with Sciatic Nerve Pain

“A sharp shooting pain cascading from your hips down your legs.”
“Horribly uncomfortable pinching pain that keeps getting worse!”
“Mind-numbing pain in my behind.”
“Stabbing infrequent pain.”

Present in your back, glutes, or down the sides of your legs, sciatic pain greets most pregnant women in their third trimester. For some, it visits much earlier. 

Your sciatic nerve currently holds the title for the longest and thickest nerve in your body. Stemming from your lower back down your legs to your feet, the sciatic nerve sits under your uterus and runs down through your legs.

When it acts up, you can’t miss it… For pregnant women, it can be a common side effect of the hormones that relax ligaments to make room for baby and prepare for birth. In turn, the loosened ligaments supporting the discs and vertebrae at the base of the spine become slightly unsupported. Couple this with added pressure from your growing uterus and pain erupts. 

10 moves for sciatic pain

Top causes for Sciatic Pain:

  • Pregnancy hormones that relax ligaments providing support to lower spine become looser
  • Growing baby and uterus adding pressure
  • Poor posture causing imbalance of weight 
  • Pinched nerve due to baby’s positioning on lower spine
  • Herniated disc 

10 poses to treat sciatic nerve pain.

*You should always consult your doctor before exercising. If you feel discomfort or pain, stop immediately.

  1. Legs up the wall. 
  2. Butterfly.
  3. Seated figure four.
  4. Child’s pose.
  5. Warrior II.
  6. Table top hip circles. 
  7. Supported Tabletop.
  8. Foam roller.
  9. Pigeon, supported.
  10. Replace your chair with a yoga ball. 

For more on moves, exercises, and a hands-on approach to helping you feel you best during sciatic nerve pain or any discomfort during your pregnancy >>> Your Best Birth.

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