5 Things to Tell Your Best Friend about Pelvic Floor PT

You did it! You finally had your first Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy appointment and you can’t believe you weren’t going before.  The leakage during your sneezes was getting annoying as well as leaking when you had a good laugh, or on your first workouts postpartum. Now you need to let the cat out of the bag on the biggest takeaways from your appointment.

1.The appointment began with an initial evaluation that was gentle, humanizing, and real. Many of us want to feel seen, and at your first appointment with a Pelvic Floor PT, one who specializes in women’s health surrounding the pelvis and pelvic floor, you met with a doctor who felt like a trusted confidant, ready to have a conversation about your uncomfortable symptoms. She was objective, understanding and ready to solve symptoms that aren’t widely discussed or dismissed as temporary. After all, this is a specialized field, and you felt it.

2. From some initial exercises and evaluations, you learned about the pelvic floor muscles and their ability to strengthen and relax.  You also learned more about the important role the pelvic floor has in creating core stability and function. Now, you want to unpack more and unpack about your pelvic floor!

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3. Your treatment plan is collaborative and holistic. From low impact moves that also benefit your glutes and your spine, you learned about the valuable pelvic floor function of “support” and how your daily habits and routines come into play. You’re making connections and changes with your posture and daily activities. The doctor also noted that you may receive a referral for other providers like a chiropractor or mental health provider that assist with optimal wellness.  Score! This is a self-care major move!

4. It feels similar to yoga. With a strong focus on diaphragmatic breathing, the appointment included time to take deep breaths like you haven’t breathed ever before!  Feeling the depth of your breath, and belly, you gained presence and whole body connections.

5. Your symptoms are temporary…this may be an obvious notion, but after speaking with a pelvic floor professional and forming a personalized treatment plan, you see the light at the end of the tunnel for your symptoms. You took a big step forward toward helping yourself, pat on the back!

I help women and children live their life to the fullest, without worrying about pelvic floor pain, peeing while sneezing, or difficulty pooping. When not at the office, I like to play board games with my kids, binge-watch Netflix with hubby, and travel outside of the AZ heat.

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