Six Exercises to Relieve Bladder Pain

Bladder Pain represents a broad set of annoying and uncomfortable symptoms affecting your pelvic floor and lower abdomen. Maybe it’s pressure on your bladder after you pee, feeling as though you have a UTI without actually having an infection, or feeling as though you need to urinate all day long only to release a very minimal amount of fluid.

Bladder Pain is not something to glaze over, keep personal, or be treated with a glass of wine. Check out six moves to help with your overactive bladder.

  • Supine Twist: Lay on your back dropping your bent legs over to one side, maintaining a straight spine and shoulders flat to the ground. Gaze goes to the opposite direction of your knees.
  • Cat Cow: Aka, tabletop! Coming onto your hands and knees, round spine and bring chin to chest. Then, drop belly and arch your back bringing gaze to the sky. Repeat with breath synced to movement.
  • Seated Deep Breathing: Sitting comfortably with a tall spine, inhale deeply filling belly with air, and release slowly drawing in lower abdomen as you exhale through nose. Continue and place one hand on belly. 

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  • Child’s Pose: Extend hands and arms forward and reaching as you come onto your belly. Hips open and knees point outward and widen to allow belly and chest to melt with gravity. Keep forehead stamping the ground. Place a pillow or two for elevated support for spine to stay straight and aligned.
  • Legs up the Wall: Laying on your back with your bottom up against wall take legs vertical and straight against wall. Point toes back toward knees to feel a stretch in calves and hamstrings.
  • Happy Baby Pose: Laying on back with tailbone to top of head firmly on the ground, bring knees up and open out to sides. Knees bent and open like you are cradling a medicine ball grab onto the backs of calves to apply gentle pressure downward. 
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