5 Easy Mommy and Me Core Exercises

Working out again after delivering a baby isn’t so simple. Ask any new mom. Your body has undergone major changes, and sleep in the first few years is known as a “work in progress” for most.   Worst of all, finding time for you seems to fall by the wayside. 

How do I know? I was there. It took quite some time before I committed to making time in the busy day for movement and just for me. 

When you see friends in spin class and skiing, you think “yeah, maybe I’m just not an active person, so that’s that.” Or maybe with other children, work, and your newfound low energy you feel more like a hamster on your wheel and if you add anything to the track, you’re doomed. 

But, real talk: you can start small. 

You can start… somewhere

I wanted to feel better, physically and mentally. If I’m not on team “me”, who will follow me? 

I started with walks in the evening, slow and pushing the baby in the stroller. 

That turned into jogs. 

That blossomed into my baby being a little more independent as he grew older, and I found myself at yoga and boot camp group fitness. 

Just because it started with a walk, and the hard understanding I had to make time, it wasn’t going to magically find me, doesn’t mean I should hold off on what I need, self-care.

On the other side of starting somewhere are these benefits of movement:

  • Energy 
  • Breathwork 
  • Relaxed central nervous system
  • A model for your children of healthy habits 
  • A strong heart 
  • Friends
  • Endorphins 

But maybe you’re reading this and thinking, “I have little ones all around my living room! Maybe in five years.” Or, you and your partner have opposite schedules, and you just can’t make the time.

I’ll respectfully counter. 

I have five fun workouts to get you warmed up to your body again, to move your hips, shoulders, ignite your core, and simply be silly with your littles. Plus, it will be good for them too!

It’s time to give yourself permission to feel, appreciate, and respect your body. Working out, even small intentional movement is fuel- strength and restoration. 

5 Mommy and Me Core Exercises to Start Doing Today

  1. Dead Bugs: Core, mobility, sacrum massage, coordination.
  2. Cat/Cow: Spine strengthening, core strength, and lower back and shoulder release.
  3. Squat: Full body mobility, CORE, hips, balance, digestive support, circulation.
  4. Bird Dogs: Balance, core, coordination, spinal strengthening. 
  5. Superman: abdominal strength and flexibility, glutes, spinal relase.

Try each of these moves one time through for a count of 10. Inhale deeply through your nose and exhale audibly. Feel our the nooks and crannies of your body. 

Modeling movement with your little is sure to bring giggles, joy and play. Most importantly it lays a brick in the foundation of a healthy and active lifestyle. 

Want to move with us? We can move with you and your little one! 

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I help women and children live their life to the fullest, without worrying about pelvic floor pain, peeing while sneezing, or difficulty pooping. When not at the office, I like to play board games with my kids, binge-watch Netflix with hubby, and travel outside of the AZ heat.

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