Should you use a birthing ball during pregnancy?

Pregnancy brings on a slew of resources so that you and your growing baby are healthy from conception to delivery. From what to eat or avoid, to exercise must-do’s and don’ts, there is quite a bit of information available to prepare for the journey ahead.

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But I’m here to tell you that there are simple habits expectant moms can do to manage their pregnancy and prepare for birth. 

Even better, these habits promote holistic health like a strong spine, relaxed nervous system, and a positive mood.

One of my favorite among these simple habits is using a yoga ball during pregnancy. 

Sitting on a physio ball is notorious among healthy people. Like adequate hydration and conscious breathing, it supports your body in discreet yet monumental ways.

Sitting on a yoga ball in lieu of a chair for one day will burn four times the calories! Think of your body as active and “on” with a yoga ball. Oppositely, in a chair you’re static, or off, in poor posture on an unsupportive seat.

Below I have listed 7 reasons to use a yoga ball during pregnancy:


  1. Posture your body is forced to maintain an upright, straight position. Without the support of a chair that actually promotes poor posture and strains your back, hips and shoulders.
  2. Alignment from hips to shoulders. Your hips should position with weight balanced. 
  3. Build strength in abdominal muscles, pelvic floor, and glutes. By building strength throughout this region, you will better support your lower back when standing and walking. 
  4. Pressure relief on your back. When sitting in an office chair, we tend to slouch. Using a yoga ball will require balance and coordination (in a very low-impact, subconscious way) and relieve pressure we’ve built from sitting and standing in curved postures.
  5. Burn calories. Moving is moving. Even though you are simply sitting, you are utilizing your muscles, especially the ones that will soon help aid in the delivery of a baby. 
  6. Breathing. Sitting in a chair in a slouched position, shortens space in your lungs for adequate breathing. When we sit on a yoga ball with a long spine we create more space for deep breathing.
  7. Leverage into other low-impact exercises for strength, stretching, and support. 

It doesn’t have to be complex to be healthy and prepare for birth. It’s the small adjustments to your daily life that will bring about the greatest impact, and set you up for a strong birth and recovery.

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