What is a Perineal Massage?

Have you heard about a perineal massage and wondered what it was exactly? 

Or, maybe you heard it and thought, “that sounds complex and technical, not something I would need.” 

After reading, we think you’ll want to consider a perineal massage. We’ll even offer you a few tips to perform one in your third trimester!

What is a Perineal Massage?

A perineal massage is a gentle, manual stretching of the pelvic floor tissues in the birth canal. These muscles are designed to open and stretch during birth, and return to normal size in recovery. 

You may have had tears during delivery, or heard that many women damage these tissues when giving birth.  For some women an episiotomy (an incision to the tissue in the birth canal) is performed to create space and opening during birth. 

Perineal massages are found to reduce damage, tears, and recovery time!

A perineal massage should only be performed after 36 weeks of pregnancy. By performing, or having a partner perform the massage, these particular pelvic floor muscles’ are gently stretched and expanded to prepare for their upcoming task in a less painful and more effective way. 

Interested in trying a perineal massage? 

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Benefits of a perineal massage are:

  • Increases one’s chance of delivering vaginally
  • Prevents perineal tears and damage
  • Helps relax the pelvic floor muscles so they can open naturally for birth
  • Reduces pelvic pain in postpartum
  • Reduces postpartum incontinence
  • Lessens the likelihood of having an episiotomy

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