8 Yoga Poses to Help You Sleep Better During Pregnancy

Do you have erratic sleep issues, feel tired when you wake up, sleep more deeply than normal, or wake up frequently during the night? Carrying a child presents a variety of newly discovered symptoms and discomforts. Your body works hard to support the growing one in your belly, and you can feel it in just […]

Keeping your child regular (not constipated!)

We’ve all been there as parents, your little one is fussy, maybe crying, complaining of stomach pain, and your checklist has narrowed it down…they’re CONSTIPATED! Whether it be a few hours, a day or two, or a week of dry hard stools, constipation strikes and they are in pain. While most constipation shouldn’t be met […]

3 Secrets That MAKE OR BREAK Having the Birth You Want

Let’s put this out there FIRST: birth rarely goes as planned, and for some, it can be a traumatic experience. Maybe this is why it is common for people to be so eager to repeat their birth horror stories to you as soon as you have announced your pregnancy. However, birth is meant to be […]

5 Things to Tell Your Best Friend about Pelvic Floor PT

You did it! You finally had your first Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy appointment and you can’t believe you weren’t going before.  The leakage during your sneezes was getting annoying as well as leaking when you had a good laugh, or on your first workouts postpartum. Now you need to let the cat out of the […]