3 Secrets That MAKE OR BREAK Having the Birth You Want

Let’s put this out there FIRST: birth rarely goes as planned, and for some, it can be a traumatic experience. Maybe this is why it is common for people to be so eager to repeat their birth horror stories to you as soon as you have announced your pregnancy. However, birth is meant to be […]

5 Things to Tell Your Best Friend about Pelvic Floor PT

You did it! You finally had your first Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy appointment and you can’t believe you weren’t going before.  The leakage during your sneezes was getting annoying as well as leaking when you had a good laugh, or on your first workouts postpartum. Now you need to let the cat out of the […]

Hypertonic (Tight) Pelvic Floor: Everything you need to know!

A hypertonic pelvic floor is overactive and difficult to relax. These muscles are tense and tight and have limited ability to expand and contract normally. Not only is tightness the name of the game with a hypertonic pelvic floor, tension can travel to your hips, back, and hamstrings. The pelvic floor has important functions! Childbirth, intercourse, […]

Six Exercises to Relieve Bladder Pain

Bladder Pain represents a broad set of annoying and uncomfortable symptoms affecting your pelvic floor and lower abdomen. Maybe it’s pressure on your bladder after you pee, feeling as though you have a UTI without actually having an infection, or feeling as though you need to urinate all day long only to release a very […]

Why Pelvic Floor Symptoms Go Unreported…

According to Kaiser Permanente Division of Research (2008)  1 in 3 women suffer from some sort of pelvic floor dysfunction while only 1 in 4 report symptoms and seek treatment. Mind you, this research is over a decade old! Most popular symptoms like incontinence go unreported due to the stigma that issues “down there” be […]

The 4 Real Reasons You Still Have a Pooch

You’re back to working out, you’re maintaining a healthy diet, you’re staying hydrated, or heck, you’re #1 at closing your rings in the family but you’re still staring at your pooch and thinking when is this going to flatten!? Truth is, you most certainly may be the fittest cutie in the cul-de-sac, but that isn’t […]

Painful Bladder Syndrome: All you need to know about “Interstitial Cystitis”

September is Painful Bladder Syndrome Awareness Month! Painful Bladder Syndrome also known as Bladder Pain Syndrome and more formally, Interstitial Cystitis is chronic pelvic pain that encompasses a wide variety of recurring pelvic symptoms that approximately 5 million women in the United States suffer from each year. Recurring frequently or infrequently, Bladder Pain Syndrome can […]

5 Postpartum Symptoms Every Expectant Mother Should Prepare For

You expected the precious gift of baby, but not all the post-birth changes to your body are so-called “gifts”. Good news first- some of these changes won’t stick around forever! Bad news- some will hang on like a fly at a barbeque. It is important to understand the A to Z of the most common […]

5 Self-Care Ideas for Pregnant Women to Start Doing Today

Self-care can take on many forms, but at its core it’s doing something to create joy, mental clarity, and establish healthy practices that prioritize…you.  Pregnancy can be strenuous and offer challenges to your physical and mental well-being.  Annnd you probably still have other buckets to fill in your relationships, career, and daily life. At Thrive […]

3 Pool Exercises for Pregnant Women to do this Summer

Pregnant during summer? Hop into the pool to relax, stretch, and strengthen. You can move with intention to prepare for birth while also enjoying genuine self-care. These three exercises are low-impact and serve a dual-purpose: help your mind and body relax; strengthen and open in preparation for delivery and recovery. The weightlessness our bodies enjoy […]