Tight Pelvic Floor Muscles? Look For These Warning Signs

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Learn more about pelvic floor tightness and how to address hypertonic pelvic floor dysfunction from constipation to muscle spasms in this informative blog post. Find relief using pelvic floor exercises by improving your overall muscle tone and pelvic health.

8 Yoga Poses to Help You Sleep Better During Pregnancy

Do you have erratic sleep issues, feel tired when you wake up, sleep more deeply than normal, or wake up frequently during the night? Carrying a child presents a variety of newly discovered symptoms and discomforts. Your body works hard to support the growing one in your belly, and you can feel it in just […]

Should you use a birthing ball during pregnancy?

Pregnancy brings on a slew of resources so that you and your growing baby are healthy from conception to delivery. From what to eat or avoid, to exercise must-do’s and don’ts, there is quite a bit of information available to prepare for the journey ahead. (I, too, have a comprehensive and holistic prenatal birth prep […]

Profiling Diastasis Recti – How to treat it, and how to prevent it!

No one needs to tell you that your belly will stretch and grow with pregnancy. That’s an obvious fact. What you may wonder is why some women recover differently than others- especially in their stomach region.  While some mothers return to their pre-baby shape, other’s develop stomachs that appear loose, maybe bulging, or like their […]

Manual Soft-Tissue Therapy for Infertility

The desire to get pregnant isn’t an easy journey for all couples. In fact, for 1 in 8, getting and staying pregnant is met with challenges such as infertility and miscarriage.  But if you’re struggling with infertility or miscarriages you may not know that pelvic physical therapy can support a different, more desirable path toward […]

All About Your Pelvic Floor!

Have you heard of the Pelvic Floor but weren’t quite sure what it does and how it works? Maybe a Pilates teacher was asking you to engage your pelvic floor and you didn’t know if you were activating the right muscles, or squeezing in all the right places… It’s okay to ask: “What exactly is […]

What is a Perineal Massage?

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Have you heard about a perineal massage and wondered what it was exactly? Or, maybe you heard it and thought, “that sounds complex and technical, not something I would need.” After reading, we think you’ll want to consider a perineal massage. We’ll even offer you a few tips to perform one in your third trimester! […]

Fall Self-Care: 5 Things to do this fall to restore!

With the arrival of fall comes less time in daylight, and therefore, longer evenings. We spend more time at home in a seasonal hibernation, and if you’re expecting,  this is the perfect time for self-care before the hustle and bustle of the holidays and the arrival of baby. Our list is full of ideas for […]

Profiling In Vitro Fertilization

Holistic Infertility Therapy

Unfamiliar with IVF? Heard of it but never knew exactly what the process was or who would benefit?  Whether you find yourself wanting to conceive but realizing it may not be as swift as you thought, or you are soon starting your first IVF treatment, we’ve highlighted some important facts for you. What is IVF? […]